Complete US Physicians Database

1,117,536 Records U.S.


This Database Includes:

- U.S. Physicians Mailing & Contact Information: 1,061,221 Records
- U.S. Physicians Email Database w/Specialties: 64,645 Records

 - Mailing & Contact Database Details: 1,061,221 Records
Business Name
Address, City, State, Zip, County
Physician/Contact Name
  Physician/Contact Title
Physician Specialty
SIC Code
Number of Employees as Avail.
Sales Volume as Avail.
NCOA Validated
Updated Monthly

- Email Database Details: 60,447 Records
Business Practice Name
Business Complete Address
County Name
Phone Number
Physician Name
Physician Title & Gender
Physician Email Address
Number of Employees
SIC Code
SIC Description
NAICS Description
NCOA Verified Addresses
Email and Address Data Tested and Verified Quarterly
85% Average Email Delivery Rate; 70% Minimum Guaranteed

(Typical deliverable rate averages 85% due to Spam Filters, IP blocks and other factors)

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Complete US Physicians Database plus Email Database
1,117,536 Records
- Mailing Database:
Gender as avail.
As Available = AA
Business Name
Phone Employees AA

Sales AA
County Specialty NCOA Validated
Physician Name
SIC Code

SIC Description

- Email Database
Updated Monthly
Contact Name
Title Gender
NCOA Valid
Specialty SIC Code
Instant Download
Email: 64,645
SIC Description

Business Address Excel Format

Todays Special
1,371,813 Records
Practice Name Gender as avail.
Excel Format
Complete Address
Phone Updated
City, State, Zip
Fax: As avail.

Email: 100,351
Instant Download
Physician Name
SIC Code

Title & Specialty
SIC Description


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